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Sital extends over a global area of 14,000 square meters; of these, 8,000 square meters are covered surface.

Office premises – The surface reserved to offices extends on approximately 700 square meters and it is divided as follows:

  1. Company management
  2. Accounting and Personnel dept.
  3. Sales dept.
  4. Export sales dept.
  5. Technical dept.
  6. Purchasing dept.
  7. Quality assurance dept.

Production – the remaining 5,300 square meters of covered surface belong to the production Dept. which is organized as follows:

  • Machines dept.
    The company owns a complete range of equipment, suitable to perform all activities necessary to deliver the finished product.
  • Exhaust gas silencers dept.
    Here exhaust gas silencers are manufactured; these silencers are used in sound-attenuated containers and SITAL FAST canopies
  • Container assembly line
  • Canopies mounting dept.
  • Sandblasting dept.
    Sital owns a modern plant for automatic sandblasting of containers with max. length = 18 m
  • Painting dept.
    Sital owns also two painting plants (one is automatic), suitable for  containers with max. length = 18 m
  • Final fitting and systems installation dept.
  • Warehouse
  • Areas for storage of finished products